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No ones opinions matter!! Everyone has different opinions you can not please everyone so make yourself happy first!! Yes people stare at us all the time but at the end of the day i couldnt be happier and thats all that matters.

I was SO lucky when I met my husband, his family was very accepting even though i was not quite what they had in mind for him exactly Love is love and maybe his family will be harsh. Maybe with him but not openly with you. I have heard some parents prefer tHem to marry in there race and see every relashonahip as a potentiol marriage four there children. I have insane in-laws and been married four years. Only advice I have is that I make happiness for my husband and I not any body else.

If your boyfriend takes up for your relashonahip it maybe easer. I'm super short and tan I'm Mexican while my hubby is super tall and white I used to care about how people perceived us but not anymore. We're perfect for each other! Though in high school I dated a guy who came from a very Southern Baptist and very patriotic family We dated for four years but in the end he caved to his parent's pressure.

Interracial Dating Forum and Interracial Singles Chat

I wasn't the girl they foresaw their son marrying. I honestly wasn't good enough in their eyes regardless of how sweet or kind I was. People will forever be opinionated but who cares? Wow, thank you guys so much for sharing. Definitely a lot of insight gained. He says we can overcome any obstacle. That's all that matters to me. We even have child together as well!

Girl, whatever other people think doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is how you feel about each other. It's the most important thing. I've dated a Japanese guy, a Mexican, a white guy, and I'm currently dating a mixed guy.

Interracial dating double standards.

I myself am mixed black, white, and native , so any time I've been out with a guy I've felt the judgment of others. It's not even worth it to care about what other people think. If they have the audacity to judge something that isn't even their business, then that shows what kind of person they are; ignorant and close-minded. Don't even give those fools another thought.

The Interracial Relationship Forum

Good luck girl, in the end all that matters is that you two love and care for one another. There may be obstacles, but just persevere and you'll be just fine.

I dated a Caucasian guy for a couple of months but his mom hated me so much , his dad loved the idea of us being together though. I love him more than life itself. Both of our families love our significant other. I think my mom loves him more than me lol. My bf is korean and im latin and middle eastern and we have a daughter and when we go out as a family some asian girls sees me with him and make rude comments bout me for not being asian..

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